The Legal Assessment on Water Governance (LAGO)

A practical tool to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of water governance at the local, national, transboundary and regional levels. LAGO identifies gaps that might hinder the sustainable use and protection water resources.

LAGO contains four sections:
1. Policy and Legislation
It refers to the objectives set out in policies, strategies and laws which provide guidance for states in the use and development of water to meet their respective environmental, social and economic needs.
2. Institutions and Administration
It addresses the institutional structures which are necessary to promote water governance.. Institutions are in charge of the implementation of policies and laws . The efficiency in which these institutions operate depends on the organization, level of autonomy and their financial sustainability.
3. Implementation and Enforcement
It evaluates mechanisms through which water policies and laws are implemented.
4. Transboundary dimension
This section addresses issues of governance at the transboundary level, when two or more countries share a same river, lake or aquifer.

Transboundary Instruments Development Tool (TIDE)

A practical tool to guide water dialogues and negotiations in transboundary water contexts. TIDE reflects a step-by-step approach to foster dialogue between diplomats, water managers, policy makers, academia, civil society and other relevant stakeholders to discuss and find potential solutions to water challenges.

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