The Centre for Water Law, Policy & Science (under the auspices of UNESCO) is hosting a serious of water-related events this June and July, at the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK.

The science of integrated water resources management for law and policy experts – enhanced skills workshop, 23-26 June 2015:  This course aims to provide participants with critical insights into the science that underpins integrated water resources management (IWRM), through an exploration of key hydrological, ecological and hydrogeological processes, methodologies and the current state of the art.

16 April 2015


A further theme of the short-course will be to explore how the accessibility of water-related scientific data and information can be enhanced within policy/decision-making processes. This intensive short-course is targeted at water experts that have a law and policy background and/or would benefit from a refresher course in the scientific state-of-the-art pertaining to IWRM. 


6th Annual International Water Law and Transboundary Freshwaters Workshop, 29th June – 2nd July 2015: The purpose of this workshop will be to explore the content, contribution and benefit of international law within the context of existing and potential challenges faced by transboundary basins (rivers, lakes and aquifers) throughout the world. A key focus will be on exploring not only the content of the law, but also implementation challenges. The workshop will benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of world-renowned speakers all of whom have a ‘real world’ focus.


New Directions in International Water Law Symposium, 3rd July 2015: In light of recent developments in international law relating to transboundary rivers, lakes and aquifers, the Centre for Water Law, Policy & Science is holding a one-day symposium relating to New Directions in International Water Law.  The symposium will bring together specialists in the field with a view to sharing cutting edge research and advancing novel research agendas.  The best papers from the symposium will be published in a special open-access collection.  


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