Experiences of a BRIDGE Champion at the 7th World Water Forum

05 June 2015

Diego Jara

Saving water resources, we’re in it together! 


Jesy Nohemy Barralaga Euceda from the Goascorán River Basin, shared between Honduras and El Salvador, is General Manager of Fundación ADED Valle and a BRIDGE Champion. Jesy writes about her experience at the 7th World Water Forum.


After the World Water Forum I was able to share my experiences with members of the Goascorán Basin Council from the Honduran side. They said they were satisfied with our participation in the Forum. They asked lots of questions, but what surprised them most was to find out that, compared to Korea, a developed nation, we have more and better natural resources. The conclusion was that we must know how to manage these resources if we are to develop sustainably and implement sound land use planning and governance that involves multiple levels, as we are doing through the binational management group and the micro-basin, sub-basin and basin councils.


I participated in three sessions, talking about our experience with the basin councils, and structures integrated through multiple levels, in our efforts to achieve sound governance of water resources. I explained the need to use hydro-diplomacy in our transboundary watershed, through principles of international law serving as the foundation for negotiation between countries or governments. I also shared concerns about the macro projects being implemented in the region and how we in Goascoran Binational Management Group are taking measures to prevent damage to our land and resources from these projects and foreign investors. Looking at the different stands of all the countries participating in the forum, I realized that we aren’t the only ones fighting to maintain our water resources!


What I learned was that from one continent to another, we have many similarities and common needs regarding water resources. I come from this experience even more committed to fighting to save our water, knowing that everyone must be involved at all levels, from the local to the global.